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We BuildĀ Software on the Blockchain.

When building an app, building on the Blockchain can build trust and transparency while removing additional intermediaries. Because the Blockchain is defined as a decentralized, transparent, and immutable data storage, supply chain management, healthcare, real estate, education, and many other business domains are very suitable industries for development on the Blockchain.

VISIBLY ONE is investing time and resources in the Blockchain space. As Crypto and Web 3.0 become more mainstream, VISIBLY ONE is well positioned with all the skill and experience needed to assist you with your Blockchain project.

Before implementing blockchain technology and estimating its cost, you must understand the type of blockchain app you need. Whether you need a permissioned blockchain app or a permission less Blockchain app, you need to consider which application can suit your business needs. Let us help you achieve your business goals.

Also, the cost of a Blockchain application varies from industry to industry. For example, the cost of an app will depend on the complexity of the project.


Web Interface for Crypto Hardware Manufacturer


The BitFury Group offers a full spectrum of products, both hardware and software, to allow businesses and governments to integrate Blockchain technology into their operations. They wanted to bring in new clients by creating a place, where potential clients could use as a reliable source that explained factual information about cryptocurrencies.

VISIBLY ONE was contracted to design and build mobile app and web applications, which serve as a source of useful information for: news and research articles about cryptocurrencies, analytics with charts for registered users, exchange rates, blockchain projects and companies, and international information about Bitcoin.

Front-end development using Angular, Node.Js and developing cross platform UI framework with Javascript to build client side and server application.



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