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Building cross-platform apps with a native feel gives you a serious competitive advantage.


What problem does your mobile
app solve?


Design the flow and features.
Focus on the user experience.


Choose the framework and


Begin the development.


Create a test environment.


Get fast feedback and improve.

VISIBLY ONE are mobile app development experts and we have 10+ years of experience with React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, NativeScript, Cordova, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap.


React Native.

Developed by facebook, React Native is seated at the top of preferred frameworks by the highest number of developers. Developers can share up to 70% of the codebase, which enables faster development time, reduced cost and easy debugging. It can speed up the development of IOS and Android apps because it has many open-source libraries of pre-built components.

PROS | great performance, easily scalable, easier to work with

CONS | time consuming, high development cost, sparse talent pool


Flutter is a young open-source technology created by Google. Similar to React Native, Flutter enables the use of one codebase to build a native-like app across platforms.

PROS | faster development, low cost, easy debugging

CONS | weighty apps, poor support for iOS features, immature technology


Xamarin is a cross-platform technology delivered by Microsoft. Xamarin uses the C# language and the .NET framework for developing iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps.

PROS | flexible, extensive technical support, fast development

CONS | inherent limitations, limited community, expensive license


Similar to React Native, Nativescript uses JavaScript to build cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. It also supports TypeScript, Angular, and related frameworks. Apps built with NativeScriptRe result in fully native apps.

PROS | excellent native functionality, less development time, wider developer talents

CONS | larger app size than native, uncertain quality of plugins, native expertise


Apache Cordova enables developers to build mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developing cross-platform apps with this React Native Alternative is possible through the Command-Line Interface (CLI).

PROS | a rich collection of plugins, accessible skillset, cross-platform support

CONS | may require native developers, potential performance issue, platform-specific limitations


jQuery Mobile is an open-source JavaScript library for developing cross-platform mobile applications and websites. It leverages the features of jQuery which is best known for its ease and quickness for implementing animations, AJAX, and Document Object Model (DOM) Manipulation.

PROS | lower learning curve, lightweight, simple and convenient

CONS | time-consuming with other frameworks, slower on mobile, minimal theme


Bootstrap is a toolkit that combines Javascript, CSS, and HTML. It is widely used for developing responsive, mobile-first web pages and progressive web applications (PWA) that are fully browser embedded.

PROS | wide documentation, highly responsive, built-in support for jQuery plugins

CONS | may not be developer-friendly, additional customization, unnecessary output


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