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We Build Software for the Health and Wellbeing Industries.

We have diverse experience developing healthcare software solutions, including Mobile App & Web Application Development, UI/UX Design, Legacy Healthcare Systems, Team Communications. Our software development team specializes in designing solutions that focus on productivity, portability, and scalability for your next healthcare project.

We use advanced technologies and follow the latest industry standards to build custom healthcare solutions that meet the needs of medical organizations.

Remote Doctor Consultations

Specialists in teleconsulting software enable users to consult with a doctor from anywhere in the world.

Our software is designed with user experience in mind making it easy to use. We make sure security is at the forefront with backend development.

We will deliver a software solution guaranteeing your patients get the care they need, when they need it.

Medical Practice Management Software

We can help you build new medical practice management software or improve your existing software.

Our team has over 10 years of experience building and improving software for
medical practices. We can work with you to design and build a new system or improve your current software.

Patient Portals and Systems 

With our expertise in building information processing software, patient portals, and communication systems, we can reduce development costs.


Beshert Web and Mobile Medical Application


Beshert is a scheduling service that is the equivalent to a medical concierge for patients, attorneys and doctors. Beshert caters to patients involved in no-fault workers compensation. We streamlined communication between health insurance companies, doctors and lawyers into a robust and resilient healthcare ecosystem.



Application For A Remote
Doctor Consultation


VISIBLY ONE built a secure and regulatory compliant healthcare solution for a UK based healthcare startup.

By automating internal processes, enhancing the customer experience, and managing medical information more efficiently, we successfully reduced wait times in specialist clinics across Britain.

The React Native app that connects to Amazon S3 to create and delete an Amazon S3 bucket. The application uses webRTC and Node.js for the application and Socket.io to make the connection.



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